Microsoft Office System 2016 STIG

Microsoft Office System 2016 Security Technical Implementation Guide

ID Vuln ID Title Cat Status
DTOO191 V-238030 ActiveX control initialization must be disabled. Cat II
DTOO206 V-238036 Inclusion of document properties for PDF and XPS output must be disallowed. Cat II
DTOO601 V-238043 The ability to send personal information to Office must be disabled. Cat II
DTOO188 V-238027 Document metadata for password protected files must be protected. Cat II
DTOO187 V-238026 Rights managed Office Open XML files must be protected. Cat II
DTOO409 V-238039 The ability to create an online presentation programmatically must be disabled. Cat II
DTOO190 V-238029 The encryption type for password protected Office 97 thru Office 2003 must be set. Cat II
DTOO196 V-238033 A mix of policy and user locations for Office Products must be disallowed. Cat II
DTOO186 V-238025 Trust Bar notifications for Security messages must be enforced. Cat II
DTOO201 V-238035 Connection verification of permissions must be enforced. Cat II
DTOO410 V-238040 When using the Office Feedback tool, the ability to include a screenshot must be disabled. Cat II
DTOO408 V-238038 Office Presentation Service must be removed as an option for presenting PowerPoint and Word online. Cat II
DTOO416 V-238042 The Office Telemetry Agent must be configured to obfuscate the file name, file path, and title of Office documents before uploading telemetry data to the shared folder. Cat II
DTOO197 V-238034 Smart Documents use of Manifests in Office must be disallowed. Cat II
DTOO321 V-238037 Encrypt document properties must be configured for OLE documents. Cat II


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