BIND 9.x STIG Version Comparison

BIND 9.x Security Technical Implementation Guide


There are 3 differences between versions v1 r9 (April 24, 2020) (the "left" version) and v2 r2 (July 23, 2021) (the "right" version).

Check BIND-9X-001040 was changed between these two versions. Green, underlined text was added, red, struck-out text was removed.

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The BIND 9.x server implementation must be configured with a channel to send audit records to a remote syslog.

Check Content

Verify that the BIND 9.x server is configured to send audit logs to the syslog service. Inspect service. NOTE: syslog and local file channel must be defined for every defined category. Inspect the "named.conf" file for the following: logging { channel <syslog_channel> { syslog <syslog_facility>; }; category <category_name> { <syslog_channel>; }; If a logging channel is not defined for syslog, this is a finding. If a category is not defined to send messages to the syslog channel, this is a finding. Ensure audit records are forwarded to a remote server: # grep "\*.\*" /etc/syslog.conf |grep "@" | grep -v "^#" (for syslog) or: # grep "\*.\*" /etc/rsyslog.conf | grep "@" | grep -v "^#" (for rsyslog) If neither of these lines exist, this is a finding.


Protection of log data includes assuring log data is not accidentally lost or deleted. Backing up audit records to a different system or onto separate media than the system being audited on a defined frequency helps to assure, in the event of a catastrophic system failure, the audit records will be retained. This helps to ensure a compromise of the information system being audited does not also result in a compromise of the audit records.


Configure the "logging" statement to send audit logs to the syslog daemon. logging { channel <syslog_channel> { syslog <syslog_facility>; }; category <category_name> { <syslog_channel>; }; }; Note: It is recommended to use a local syslog facility (i.e. local0 -7) when configuring the syslog channel. Restart the BIND 9.x process. Configure the (r)syslog daemon to send audit logs to a remote server.