Apple macOS 11 (Big Sur) STIG: APPL-11-002061

Check: APPL-11-002061 (in version v1 r1)


The macOS system must be configured so that end users cannot override Gatekeeper settings. (Cat II impact)


Gatekeeper must be configured with a configuration profile to prevent normal users from overriding its setting. If users are allowed to disable Gatekeeper or set it to a less restrictive setting, malware could be introduced into the system. Gatekeeper is a security feature that ensures applications must be digitally signed by an Apple-issued certificate in order to run. Digital signatures allow the macOS host to verify the application has not been modified by a malicious third party.

Check Content

To verify only applications downloaded from the App Store are allowed to run, type the following command: /usr/sbin/system_profiler SPConfigurationProfileDataType | /usr/bin/grep DisableOverride If the return is null, or is not: DisableOverride = 1; This is a finding.

Fix Text

This setting is enforced using the "RestrictionsPolicy" configuration profile.

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